X MILAN TOUR: hunting to curiosity

Monday October 1st, 2018 / Travel

If you are looking for an alternative day and want to find out more about the capital of Lombardy X MILAN is for you. In a perfect mix of culture and entertainment you will be protagonists for a day of a hunt for the treasures of Milan, which will allow you to know the most hidden and suggestive places, to discover curiosity and peculiarity of the place. You can create a team with your friends and choose your favourite tour among different routes that cross different areas of the city.

But how does X MILAN work?
Don’t worry you will not have to study books or be a big fan of the Visconti family to take part in the tour, just want to have fun and learn. You will receive a map containing several stages in which you will have to answer questions, look for clues on the spot, and follow the instructions to get to your destination.

If you will be one of the fastest and most interested to the curiosity of the tour you could be the winners and bring home a wonderful prize. So, Milan people or tourist, test your skills and enjoy an unmissable day of fun!

If Milan should not quench your thirst for knowledge you can participate also in X MONZA and X VENICE that will project you into other historical but equally curious realities.

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