There was once … The Starbucks Unicorn

Tuesday May 9th, 2017 / Shopping

#unicornfrappuccino the new Trend now!

There is a very simple procedure to get millions of shares and talk about a specific product around the world, and Starbucks knows it well.

What Starbucks did was merge a multitude of sparkling colors, fluorescent sugars and ride the fashion of the moment by calling his new Unicorn Frappuccino drink!

As you may have noticed that this mythical animal is literally at the top this year, it is virtually found in the form of any gadget or accessory and the world of Instagram is literally riding in the clouds!

It has become the trend of the moment, and there is no person who, having tasted his “magic” taste, did not post a photo #unicornfrappuccino

But where does the unicorn frappuccino come from?
It is born in a cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY, and seems to be a real touch for our health, the bright colors of the rainbow, is a regenerating drink and has as its main ingredients coconut milk, ginger, honey, lemon , The spirulina algae that gives milk that particular green / blue color and finally a pinch of curcuma.

It seems therefore to be in effect a magical recipe, so much to change the taste and color as I tasted it in fact the blue and pink powders used as decoration change color initially towards the purple and then towards a fuchsia rose.

The world’s best known chain of cafes has just launched this drink only in its US, Canada and Mexico locations, but seeing the torment does not take too long before we see it served anywhere!

And so like in a fairy tale .. and they all lived happily ever after drinking #unicornfrappuccino

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