Google Home: a step towards the future

Thursday August 30th, 2018 / webmode

From Alessandro Borghese, Elisabetta Canalis, to Diana del Bufalo, no one can give up to domestic assistant Google Home, launched in Italy in March 2018, created by the global colossus to make our houses even smarter and our life increasingly easy. It is a device that apparently seems a common air freshener with modern design but it is designed to simplify the everyday life outside and inside the home. Google Home with the simple vocal command «Ok Google» allows you to play music and sound, to remember appointment saved in agenda, to get every information about news, curiosity, events thanks its connection to the search engine, and to keep you company in a two-way conversation.

The surplus of this innovation is the ability to link peripheral devices that allows you to manage them simply by sitting on the sofa or from the office through smartphone. We talk about the possibility to plan in advance the thermostat, lights, television or even connect your car, by activating climate, opening and closing the car doors, evaluating fuel consumption or setting the address in the GPS navigator simply asking Google, functionality already present in USA, thanks to the compatibility with BMW Connected, and available soon also in Italy.

There is a full version sold for 149 €, featuring a very high quality audio, and also a Mini version that can be purchased for just 59 €, with the same characteristics but smaller and both soon available in different colors. The choice depends on your needs, the great potential of this device remains certain.

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